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  • Carine Lion

Ninglinspo (Liège) : Poetic and gourmet day along the only mountain stream in Belgium

Located between Remouchamps and Theux (Liège), the only mountain stream in Belgium has created a land of gentle, romantic and enchanting adventures.

Site of great biological interest, listed as exceptional site of Wallonia, its valley undoubtedly offers one of the most beautiful hikes in the country.

I could tell you that this wonderful walk is enough on its own. This is probably true. But to me, combining it with a glorieux lunch is the cherry on the cake, the harmonious combination of the five elements, the balance of colours, the graal.

So that's what I suggest: a magnificent walk followed by a chic table, a tasty cuisine and a delicate nectar.

Ready? I'll take you there. (Don't miss my guide at the end of the article. You will find all the information you need to experience this micro-trip.).


It is very early June, an ordinary Saturday morning, except that it is already hot for the season. It is 11 o'clock and the number of cars parked along the Sedoz road tells us that we will not be alone.

The following Friday, at 9:30 am, I am in the same place, this time with my colleagues, for a teambuilding activity. And there, apart from a few other teambuilders proudly wearing their company's sweatshirt, we are alone.

Pure bliss...

But whether there are people or not, the forest calls us and we take the path. Can you feel it? Nature does its work: the air smells like a perfume of joy and serenity. 


All green, dressed in a fascinating universe of plants, mosses, ferns and wild herbs, the land of Ninglinspo quickly offers walkers an incredible feeling of well-being.

Here, between the beech trees, oaks, maples and other hardwoods pointing towards the sky, the land is fertile and the blueberry bushes are numerous.

At that time, wild shrubs only promise a gourmet treat. But soon, covered with black berries, they will fill the taste buds of lucky walkers.

The freshness of the undergrowth also attracts horseriders, who can enjoy a dedicated trail.

"Quand je suis parmi vous, arbres de ces grands bois,
Dans tout ce qui m'entoure et me cache à la fois,
Dans votre solitude où je rentre en moi-même,
Je sens quelqu'un de grand qui m'écoute et qui m'aime."
Victor Hugo, Les contemplations, "Aux arbres"

In search of blue gold ...

However, this profusion of green does not hide the attraction of water and its sweet melody.

We therefore go and meet the baths and cascatelles with animals or ancient gods names : Deer Bath, Venus Bath,...

Undoubtedly the mayor who named them so was in love with the beasts as well as with the Greek heroes.

Between the quartzite blocks and the Ardennes' hardwoods, the blue gold flows in transparency.

Take a deep breath

Saturated with the scent of moss, ferns and humus, the forest invites you to breathe deeply, to inflate your lungs, to fill your nostrils with green and woody notes, sources of serenity.

Unfortunately, most of the flowers here don't seem to have any smell, just pretty colours and a delicate femininity. Some have medicinal properties, such as the sumptuous purple digitalis.

A little further on, a huge mushroom gives off a powerful aroma. I don't know if it's eatable and I wouldn't risk touching it.

Capturing space, with a single glance

From the Drouet's point of view, hung on a metal mast, the Belgian flag and the Bold cock clap in the wind, united in the same effort. ,

Nestled between two oaks, the roof covered with moss, an open shelter allows you to admire the Ninglinspo valley and the woods of La Picherotte, where deciduous and coniferous trees stretch as far as the eye can see.

At the end of May, you can still see a whole hillside gilded by brooms.

In autumn, imagine what this panorama can bring...

The missing link

Earth, air, water, space... Green, blue,... Doesn't anything jump out at you?

The last piece of the puzzle, the final touch, is missing, the one that must make this day definitively memorable; we miss fire, a symbolic, warm, enthusiastic and unifying fire; we miss red, an intense, powerful red, which, combining with equal values with the first primary colours, will finally illuminate this micro-trip with all its light.

This missing link, a divine beverage if ever there was one, we found it a few kilometres further on...

Final word

This walk was a real success, and marked with serenity and joy. Do you want to live this experience? Check our guide below.

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Ninglinspo, what a weird name!

Located in the Province of Liège (Belgium), the Ninglinspo river owes its current name to the mistake of a cartographer during the French occupation of the area. The latter has indeed confused the stream with the name of a land where it emerges: the Inglin spring - in Walloon "En Inglin spau".

Originally, this stream was called "Doulneux" - from the Latin Dolnusus - reminding us that it had its spring in an alder forest.



  • Details of the walk's starting point

Village of Sedoz, rue de Sedoz (between Remouchamps and Stoumont), on the car park at the entrance of the hike. GPS coordinates: 50.468609, 5.74354.

  • How to come - Itinerary by car

See on Google Map.

  • Weather forecast in Remouchamps

Check the weather forecast.

Parking and difficulté of the Ninglinspo walk

  • Ninglinspo - parking

Follow #21 (blue flag).

  • Ninglinspo - difficulty

It takes about 2h45 for 6.5 km. The first half is a little physical but not that difficult. The second half is pure walking. However, the hike isn't suitable for young children (minimum 7 or 8 years old).

  • What to wear for this walk?

Hiking boots, backpack with water bottle, snack ,...

Bring something to freshen up and change after the hike, if you continue your day at the restaurant.


Le Cantil - Restaurant in Aywaille

Located in the heart of Aywaille, this wine and tapas bar exudes a warm atmosphere: indus-style decoration, a mixture of stone, wood and metal, and felted tones.

In the small lounge - ideal for an aperitif - wooden shelves float along the walls and support skilfully aligned bottles of red wine. On the same wall, a contemporary gas fireplace awaits to warm up the cooler days. Finally, chocolate Chesterfields confirm the masculine inspiration of the place.

Le Cantil offers a bistro-style cuisine.

Nous avons testé le menu "Petite promenade", bien à propos ...

  • Adress

Joseph Thiry 35, Aywaille - Wine and tapas bar + local products

  • Distance from the Ninglinspo 

The restaurant is located about 8.6 km - 10 minutes - from Ninglinspo. The recommended parking is located near the municipal administration, 2' from the restaurant. The following map shows you the route:

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  • Tip

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