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Our Philosophy



Created in 2017 with the firm desire to offer a new perspective on luxury travel, The traveling Lions is a Belgian travel blog, focused on experiential luxury and  happiness.


Emancipating itself from the usual codes of the international blogosphere, The traveling Lions offers its readers an approach inspired by positive psychology and the science of emotions: it thus allows them to discover the top-of-the-range holiday destination that meets their emotional needs.


Finally, this blog aims to demonstrate that luxury and sustainable tourism are perfectly compatible.


Couples and families with teenagers looking for unusual and high end experiences are the base of our readers. Young adults seem to like it too.



Since its inception, The traveling Lions has been dedicated to exclusive travel experiences with a different perspective on luxury as a backdrop. Since 2018, the blog has been transformed and offers an innovative concept, still unique to date on the travel & lifestyle blogosphere: emotivation.


Through The Traveling Lions, and from the beginning, we have defended the idea that true travel nourishes the senses and enriches the soul, whether it lasts a few days or several months, whether it is thousands of kilometres away or a few steps from home. It is not a simple geographical movement; it is a cocktail of discoveries, learning, encounters but also of emotions; it's an inner journey.


Personally, we don't care about counters. We do not want to travel the globe ten times in 365 days: performance based on numbers alone makes little sense to us. We dream our journey, look at it, breathe it, hear it, caress it and enjoy it. 

We choose our trips with our heart and according to our emotional needs.


Starting from the observation that we have rarely been disappointed by a destination, when preparing our family holidays or romantic weekends this way, the evolution of the blog seemed obvious to us.


The traveling Lions is therefore a source of inspiration and information for discerning travelers who like modern and meaningful luxury holiday.

Positive emotions as backbone

Positive emotions, which generate great and small happiness, are the central axis, the backbone of the blog. 


Based on the work of Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, a reference in the field of positive psychology, we offer you a brand new source of inspiration: positive emotions.


This approach is particularly interesting, since, depending on the time, our state of health and our state of mind, some trips have a greater probability of significantly meeting our emotional needs and therefore, I believe, a greater chance of increasing our happiness. 


In addition, following your emotions allows you, in our opinion, to distance yourself from advertising influences and to choose more freely the trip  that suits you best.

Luxury as background

But what is luxury? 

For the CNRTL, the Centre National des Ressources Textuelles et Lexicales (France), luxury is defined as a "Social practice characterized by sumptuous expenses, the search for expensive commodities or refined and superfluous goods, often out of a taste for splendour or a desire for ostentation". 


To this definition, that make us feel a little guilty, we must admit that we prefer ours. 


For us, the word luxury is synonymous with refinement, sensorial experience, authenticity, attentive, sincere and personalized service, but also discretion and elegance. It is also the pleasure of glorious eating, from the chic bistro to the three-star restaurant.


I'm not a psychologist. This blog therefore naturally has no therapeutic ambition; nor does it claim to be based on objective destination choices. Its purpose is to reshape its readers' travel culture and help them, through better travel, to live a happier life when they're home.

No matter how much attention we may have paid to the writing of this blog, it cannot be perfect: all work can always be improved. As for now, it is an expression of our choices and favorites; it also reflects our own personal experience. Feel free to share yours with us!



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