Partenariat blog voyage | 10 erreurs à éviter absolument |

Collaborations - 10 mistakes to avoid

Be smart: 

Avoid appearing disrespectful and without any true purpose;

Don't get the wrong marketing strategy!


If you want to collaborate effectively with a travel blogger, here is the TOP 10 list of mistakes to avoid, otherwise your message will go unreplied, and your time and money will be wasted dramatically.



# 1 : Don't spam the blogger's inbox

Your company is fantastic and you are convinced that sending the blogger an unwanted ad will catch his attention. NO WAY! The blogger didn't ask you for anything. Your ad will be sent to trash and you will be notified as a spammer.  

# 2 : Don't think the blogger will pay to test your services and offering discounts, in exchange for a promotion


Do you pay your customers to buy your products or services? No, of course not! Why would a travel blogger do that?


So remember that your relationship with a travel blogger is a B2B and not a B2C. In this case, you're talking to a business partner, not a customer. So, unless he lives on another planet or is completely naive, a travel blogger will not pay you to experience your services if he has to promote them. Please respect him and his work.



# 3: Sending an information request for a partnership, without having read any of the blog posts


Respect his work and show your interest by reading at least one of his articles. It will also allow you to checkyou like his style and that his values match those of your company.


# 4: Sending a request without a genuine intention to collaborate


The blogger's time is as precious as yours. In Europe, very few bloggers make a living from their blogs. Most of them have a full time job and manage their blog in their free time. Some also have a family and commitments. 

So avoid wasting your time and wasting theirs.


# 5: Send a link request in Do-Follow


Google penalizes DO-Follow links in commercial relationships. Unless you want to upset the king of search engines, a sane travel blogger will not accept. Personally, we categorically refuse.


# 6: Sending a partnership request, if you do not have a budget


As part of a press trip, you - possibly with your partners - must have at least the necessary amount to receive the blogger(s) in your destination. Additional budget is required for the delivery of creative content by a professional blogger and may be required for content delivered by an unregistered blogger.


In the context of a product or service test, the free provision of the said product or service is a necessary condition. Additional budget may be required depending on the creative content requested.


# 7: Sending a request when you don't know what objectives you are pursuing or what product or service you want us to test


To work effectively, avoid wasting time, money and potential frustrations, a blogger needs to know your audience needs, your expectations for creative content and deadlines, the nature of the product or service to be tested. This data is essential to provide you with the best service.



# 8 : Relying on the wrong numbers or how to fly to close to the sun


Some people swear by the numbers - the bad ones - at their own risk... Rather than limiting yourself to the number of followers on social networks, be interested in the number of impressions, commitment, impact when there is a brand mention. This will avoid many disappointments.

# 9 : Choose a travel blog whose real audience does not fit your target market


Check the blog's audience before you commit. If you want to reach senior citizens, for example, it would be an illusion to think that you will reach them effectively by associating yourself with a 20-year-old blogger... 

# 10 : Neglecting medium- to long-term challenges