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Who are we ?

Let us introduce ourselves.


We are Carine and Michel, a GEn-X couple from Belgium, married for more than twenty-six years and parents of three daughters who are now between fourteen and twenty-three years old.


We like to travel in a world where luxury is made of elegance, discretion and respect. We prefer authentic experiences and positive emotions. With us, food is experienced with pleasure, from the chic bistro to a 3 ☆ Michelin but we happily share an impromptu picnic on the beach, in the countryside or in the mountains.


Sensitive to the well-being of people, animals and the planet, we are increasingly turning towards sustainable tourism.

Finally, in a demanding but caring spirit, we favour unforgettable experiences, those that do good to the heart and soul.

Carine Lion

Founder | Freelance travel blogger | Editor | Author | Storyteller | Member of the International Travel Writers Alliance | Dreamer and passionate traveler

At the age of eight, I wanted to become an explorer, a family legacy without a doubt but also a sign of a passion that has never stopped growing.


In February 2017, I created  The traveling Lions  to satisfy my need for writing and sharing but also my desire to be useful to as many people as possible.  


Through this blog, I hope to be a passer of emotions, an dream inspirer, a generator of luxury trips that make sense. 


I like: nature - landscapes, fauna and flora -, historical sites, the discovery of different lifestyles, food & wine (I am a good cook), local crafts, photography, spas and well-being. 


I hate: disrespect, above all.


When traveling, I like my comfort and an elegant environment, I only leave my camera and smartphone exceptionally, I am eager to discover and tend to have a busy schedule of activities.

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Michel Lion

Mr Insurance of the blog | Second photographe | Discerning Tennisplayer | Passionnante golf player | Thoughtful and pragmatic

Between weekends and Scout camps with approximate comfort and stays at the Club, my travels as a child and then as a teenager were rather eclectic.  


With Carine, I quickly turned to more luxurious and well-planned trips. 


I like: golf, tennis, beautiful landscapes, hiking in the forest , food and wine. 


I hate:  show off.


When traveling, I like to be the pathfinder (Legacy of my Scout past?); I like discovery and diversified (but not too busy) programs. I'm not leaving without my Swiss Army Knife and my smartphone.

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