Amusement - Emotion synonym of happy travel | The traveling Lions

Emotion at the core of your trip: amusement


Prenez le temps de chanter,

De rire, de vous amuser.

Tout le monde sait bien qu'après tout la vie

Est souvent jolie

Quand on la prend du bon côté.

Charles Trenet

L'amusement is like these delicious surprises that make you laugh. It is these unexpected moments that interrupt your concentration and make you fall for it.


Based on our experience, the destinations or experiences selected on this page allow you to focus on what is stupid rather than what is serious.


It is generally a social event that takes place in a safe environment. For fun creates a connection, (...) a feeling of lightness and open-mindedness with others. It helps us feel good with the people  around us because we share lighter moments with them."


Be inspired.